YOW LambdaJam 2015

I’ll be speaking at YOW LambdaJam 2015. This is my first conference talk – very exciting, and a little scary. I’ll be talking about record systems – something I’ve gotten interested in since looking at the altjs languages Elm and PureScript.

Record system links

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Wikibooks: Haskell/More on datatypes

Extensible Effects – An alternative to Monad Transformers – Kiselyov, Sabry, Swords

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The Syntax of Elm – Records

PureScript by Example – Chapter 3: Functions and Records – Phil Freeman

Scrap Your Type Classes – Gabriel Gonzalez

Idris Tutorial – 3.10 Dependent Records – The Idris Community

Vinyl Records

‘Record’ Library

“Row Polymorphism Isn’t Subtyping” – Brian McKenna